Dynamite from 1940s found in Montana building during asbestos cleanup

In Montana, the cleanup crews found a decades-old dynamite in a building which has been left behind.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said that there were 8 sticks of dynamite dating back to 1948. They were found in a box on the attic of the Western Montana Mental Health Center in Libby on Monday, as what reported by KRTV.

The following Tuesday, the Missoula City/County bomb-disposal team came after emergency officials cordoned off the area then they brought down the box of dynamite from the attic.

But after a while, the bomb squad reported that they found some of the deteriorated explosive came out from the box and still remained in the attic.

Libby fire and ambulance officials stand by around the building on Tuesday afternoon, the bomb squad set charges to explode and destroy the dynamite on the ground and in the attic of the building.

The official stated that the building would be demolished, it would be torn down.

Alfred Nobel, a Swedish scientist, in the late 1800s invented dynamite. It is sodium carbonate and three parts nitroglycerin to one part diatomaceous earth which can make a high explosion if perfectly mixed.

The sale of dynamite according to Nobel is to be used as an alternative way to gunpowder for a large-scale construction, for example roads and tunnel building.

But it is also a weapon in the military and revolutionaries.

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